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Nourished Business Accelerator

Are you ready to grow your private practice?

Badass boss, look no further. Get in, we're going to create the business of your dreams.

As a dietitian, therapist, or health professional in the Intuitive Eating, weight-inclusive, or eating disorder fields, your business and voice are so needed in this world. 

There are clients out there waiting to find and work with you... we just need to help them find you and set up systems so your clients have a wonderful experience. This involves strategies for scheduling, intake, billing, marketing, sales, social media, and all the systems involved.

When starting in my private practice, I was so overwhelmed by the different options for growing my business.

Taking insurance? Selling on social media? Hiring associates? Creating courses and passive income? I wanted to do it all, but didn’t know where to start or what was even the right path for me and the clients I wanted to work with.

Many of the traditional business approaches don't work for our ideal clients in the non-diet space.

For example, video testimonials or before and after photos were not going to work, no matter how “compelling” they are for other populations. I didn’t want to use my valuable resources on coaches or programs that don’t understand the Intuitive Eating, weight-inclusive field.

This is why I created the Nourished Business Accelerator program. I love helping entrepreneurs like you create a business that works for you, your values and approach, and your clients.

I can't wait to support you and your thriving business.

Group Support

Nourished Accelerator Virtual Retreats

Running (and growing) a practice can be overwhelming and isolating. That's why we are creating a safe (and fun!) space to ask questions to experts who have been there and connect with colleagues to support you.

These jam-packed virtual retreats bring business experts all in one place to give you the resources and space to dream, brainstorm, ask questions, and plan your business!

Did I mention that all the speakers are experts in working with providers in the non-diet and mental health fields? That's right - no talk about diet culture BS in your business. 100% of strategies will be relevant to YOUR biz.

We'll be hearing from experts on everything from optimizing your efforts on social media to creating new revenue streams. We'll also have Q&A time with every speaker and happy hours at the end of each day to network, ask questions, and get planning.

Nourished Business Accelerator  Membership

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