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Let’s Embrace the Happiest, Healthiest You

Are you ready to heal your relationship with food and your body?

You’re struggling with constant stress about what, when, and how much to eat. Your thoughts about food and your body are interfering with your life. It feels like everyone has opinions about food and bodies, and you feel overwhelmed.

We’re here for you. We’re a group of dietitians who can help guide you to feel like the best version of yourself without all the noise and negativity around food. Click below to complete our online form and tell us about you so we can match you with the best dietitian to support you.

Our Registered Dietitian Services include:

  • One-on-one nutrition counseling sessions (50-60 minutes per session) starting weekly or biweekly to set regular goals, process challenges and triumphs, plan and brainstorm meals and snacks, find joyful movement, and guide you on your journey to make peace with food and your body 
  • Family support sessions
  • Coordination with the rest of your health care team (ex: therapist, MD, treatment center, etc.)

We specialize in:

  • Eating disorder recovery, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID);
  • Intuitive Eating and finding food freedom; and
  • Non-shaming and weight-inclusive strategies to help with gastrointestinal issues, women’s health and hormonal issues, pregnancy and fertility, and other health concerns.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, defeated, or stressed about food and your body, we are here for you. Click below to complete our online form with information about what your goals are so we can match you with your new dietitian BFF.


Courses on Intuitive Eating and Food Freedom

Coming soon!

The Mindful Eating Journal: Prompts and Practices to Restore Your Relationship with Food

We are all born as intuitive eaters, but listening to our bodies’ natural signals can become difficult. The Mindful Eating Journal helps you rediscover healthy eating habits using self-reflective journaling. Mindful prompts and practices build on each other, offering concrete steps you can take to silence your inner critic and take back your relationship with food.

We Wrote A book!

For more information on things not covered here, check out our FAQs!

testimonials from our clinets

Finding Nourished with Kindness and working with Kelley was the best thing that could have happened to me in my journey to food freedom.

I can't thank Kelley enough for guiding me through my history of disordered eating that, at a time, I felt like I would never overcome. After working with Kelley for multiple months, I am proud to say I have found complete food freedom and am finally at a place where I can spend all of the time and energy I used to use worrying about my diet, on pursuing my passions in life! - K., 26 years old

I leave every session feeling infinitely better and more well-equipped to handle the challenges I’m facing.

I've worked with a number of dietitians throughout my eating disorder recovery, but none have understood me the way Karen does. She provides thoughtful, scientifically-sound advice and actively works with me to combat my disordered beliefs. She’s intelligent, compassionate, funny, and insightful, and is always willing to push her clients to achieve what she knows they are capable of. I would recommend Karen to anyone in a heartbeat, and owe so much of where I am today to her incredible skills. - N, 22 years old

My experience with Alyssa has been consistently supportive, collaborative, and most importantly comfortable.

Shame surrounding my behaviors or thoughts makes opening up to others very daunting, but Alyssa's unwavering understanding and gentle approach has gifted me a safe space to work on my recovery. After over a year working with Alyssa, I am incredibly grateful for how far I have come since my first appointment and I do not even know how to begin to thank her. - E, 20 years old

Brooke has helped me get through the many difficult steps of recovery, and the way she talks about food and body image is great!

She's amazing and couldn’t have been a more perfect match for me. Our sessions are always fun and something I look forward to instead of dreading. I’m so grateful that I have such an amazing dietitian! - R, 15 years old

[My daughter] looks forward to her sessions with Jessica. I've seen tremendous progress working with her!

Jessica is warm and welcoming. She knows the perfect balance of pushing [my daughter] to meet her goals while not being too forceful. She is always ready to help us navigate new situations and helps [my daughter] set herself up for success. We love her! - Mom of L, 15 years old

I feel like I’ve been trying to recover from my eating disorder for what seems like years. Nothing has helped me as much as talking to Michele has!

Right off the bat, Michele is a kind and caring soul who approaches everything with love and care. I’m so happy I found Nourished With Kindness, but so thankful to have been paired with Michele. Anyone would be lucky to work with her! - L, 26 years old

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