Ep. 10 – The WaPo Story with More Holes than a Bowl of Cheerios

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In this episode, Alyssa and Karen discuss a Washington Post article published at the beginning of April, which critiqued the relationship between “Big Food” brands and anti-diet dietitians. We offer our opinions and we have *ahem* a few. We take a deep dive in the article to highlight its bias and fatphobia, misrepresentation of the anti-diet movement, and failure to mention research behind weight bias or weight cycling. We highlight wonderful written blog responses by former journalists and dietitians who similarly criticized the article’s failure to convey the nuance of the anti-diet movement and the research behind a non-diet approach. We emphasize how the anti-diet messages online are often oversimplified and misinterpreted, and while that can be challenging for consumers to navigate, the article’s argument that anti-diet dietitians take sponsorships from “Big Food” to promote “unhealthy” food choices is both misguided and unsubstantiated.

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The Washington Post Article – https://www.washingtonpost.com/wellness/2024/04/03/diet-culture-nutrition-influencers-general-mills-processed-food/

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Nutrition by Carrie by Carrie Dennett – https://nutritionbycarrie.com/2024/04/washington-post-dietitians.html 

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