Welcome to Nourished with Kindness (Podcast Version)

Welcome to Nourished with Kindness!
We're eating disorder-specialized, weight-inclusive dietitians who love supporting clients and clinicians to nourish their bodies, minds, and hearts.
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On the first episode of Nourished with Kindness (Podcast Version), the show’s hosts, Alyssa and Karen (that’s us!) introduce ourselves and the podcast by sharing our journeys as dietitians, the evolution of our careers, and how our distinct personal experiences shaped our approaches to health and nutrition. We discuss our vision for the podcast to make non-diet, eating disorder-informed, and weight-inclusive education to be more accessible and less polarizing for health care and mental health providers. We start diving into some of the terminology and approaches in the field, such as “anti-diet” and “weight-inclusive” by explaining the nuance within these approaches that ultimately aim to help clients develop a balanced, respectful relationship with food and body, while also acknowledging body diversity and working towards a comprehensive strategy toward better health (whatever that means).

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